Riley Johnson

Riley Johnson photoRiley Johnson was born and raised in Montana. Whether he knows it or not, all his fiction is set there, which can be confusing sometimes. For example, the lilacs in his stories bloom in June, regardless of latitude. He spent much of his childhood alone in the attic of a Victorian house. He has been writing stories since he was five or six years old, and has never really considered doing anything else with his life, except maybe writing poetry, or writing nonfiction. In a better world, he might have been a beekeeper. He graduated from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 2014. He has taught fiction writing to undergraduates at the University of Iowa and to high school students at the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio. He used to enjoy reading books in his spare time, but now feels obliged to read books, and consequently has no spare time. Fortunately, he still enjoys reading books. Riley lives in Iowa City, Iowa.