IYWS students on KRUI Episode 3

Every year the good folks at KRUI, Iowa City’s sound alternative, are kind enough to invite groups of our students into the studio and onto the air to read from their work and tell stories. Here’s the third of four boadcasts from Session 1, 2013. Enjoy!

IYWS on KRUI 062513 (in which a young girl lies in “tranquil immobility,” eyes shut, fabricating stories in her mind; a pair of swim trunks “green and smooth as deer skin” appear in a skinnydipping sonnet; a girl wakes from a deep, disorienting afternoon nap and insists on going to school; and twins experience simultaneous episodes of sleep paralysis.)

Trouble accessing the file? Send a note to our Audio Tech Help desk at iyws@uiowa.edu. It’s staffed by a hamster, but he’ll try to help. krui logo