Guidelines for Teacher Recommendation

Dear Teacher/Recommender,

One of your students is applying to attend the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio. The Studio is a two-week residential creative writing program at The University of Iowa.

We are looking for talented, creative students with a real desire to write. Our application process is designed to help us get to know our applicants as well as we can.

We are not simply concerned with a student’s academic abilities; we are trying to form a community, so we are interested in how you think he or she will interact with the other writers in the program. Include any specific stories or other evidence that will help introduce us to this student.

In your letter, please comment on your student’s writing ability, dedication to his or her studies, and his or her maturity level in the classroom. Does this student truly enjoy writing? Will he or she participate fully in the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio? Does the student seem ready for the responsibility of living away from home? Is this an opportunity that he or she will make the most of at this time, or is it an opportunity better offered in the future? If the choice were up to you, would you ask this student to join the Studio?

Your letter may be uploaded here. If you have any questions about the letter of recommendation or would like more information about the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio please contact:

Stephen Lovely, Director
(319) 335-4209/e-mail:

Thank you for taking the time to recommend a student to us.