Fees & Financial Aid

The cost of the 2017 Iowa Young Writers’ Studio will be $2,350. This program fee includes room and board, all instruction fees, textbooks, photocopying, and transportation to and from the Cedar Rapids airport or Iowa City bus station. Once a student is accepted into the Studio they must pay a $250 deposit to reserve their position. The balance of the fee is due June 1. There is no cost to apply!

If you are accepted to the either session of the program, pay your $250 deposit, and then decide not to attend, we will refund $50 of your deposit if you cancel before June 1, 2017. If you cancel after June 1, 2017 we will be unable to refund any part of your deposit.

There is aid available for applicants who meet our need-based requirements. Every year we are able to grant several full tuition grants and several partial tuition grants. We encourage all interested students to apply. Accepted students will be asked to fill out a financial aid application and awards will be made in the spring. Some preference in financial aid decisions is given to minority students and/or Iowa residents. If you have questions about the availability of financial aid or about your ability to afford the Studio please e-mail us at iyws@uiowa.edu or call 319 335 4209. We’re happy to answer your questions.